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Our Fat Match..11-27-15


The round count for our FAT Match and for our Saturday Match (11-28-15) will be at 122 rounds minimum.

We have 3 stages all on the Trap Range….

Stage 1 Lower Left Trap 48 rnds.
Stage 2 Lower Right Trap 38 rnds.
Stage 3 Upper Corner Trap 36 rnds.

We have pictures of the stages on our Facebook page…Thanks to Brandon.

Many thanks goes to Charles,Mike and Kevin along with Alan,Robbie and Brandon for all of the help with setting things up.

You may shoot this match as a team event or one may shoot this match my ones self.

You may shoot Rimfire (Pistol or Rifle) Centerfire Pistol and Pistol Caliber Rifles ONLY!!!!!

Any combination of these will work for a team. 2 shooter teams only.

We will begin signing in & up at 9:00am and will start shooting at or near 9:30am as possible. This will be the same for Saturday’s Match 11-28-15.

Cost is $20 for BC Club members.
$25 for everyone else that signs up on line. (Matchsignup.org) we are under “Local Match Listings”
$30 for those that show up the morning of…

When signing up on line as a team, please put one team member’s full name in first name box and the other team member’s full name in the last name box.

On Saturday’s match we will let you all shoot shotguns.

Everyone please have a safe and wonderful holiday…Happy Thanksgiving Day to All!!!!!!!

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