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2-Gun Steel Match This Sat., 08-29-15


We have the BlackPowder Range open this Sat., and we’re thinking about doing a 2-Gun Steel Match….You have the choice of shooting this match with either a Shot-Gun and Pistol or a Pistol Caliber Rifle and Pistol and or a Rimfire Rifle with a Rimfire Pistol only…Nothing else will be allowed.
You will have to shoot two firearms in this match.
Table start,Reloads from the table or belt with a little movement to engage all of the steel targets.

Saturday looks like it will be a great day, Sunny and somewhere around 85 degrees.

Round Count will be somewhere around 50 rounds min., maybe up to 60???
BlackPowder Range Only

* Registration opens at 8:15am
* Mandatory Shooters’ Safety Briefing at 8:45am
* Shooting starts at 9:00am
* Match scheduled to end at 1400
* Match fee $20 for only those who have pre-sign up and $25 for those who did not!!!!

“Matchsignup” is now open….We are under “Local Match Listings”


The scores will be posted on Practiscore (Practiscore.com)

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