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2Gun Match 05-30-15….Pre-Sign up on!!!!!!!

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We are going to have pre match sign up. Sorry for confusion, we just got the match up on

“Blackcreek 2 Gun” 05/30/15

Scores will be posted on practiscore too.

You may still sign up Saturday morning but the cost will be $30 for the match.


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2 Gun Match this Sat., 05-30-15

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We will be having another 2Gun Match(Shotgun and Pistol)this Sat.,05-30-15
Cost is $25 and we will start sign in/up at 8:15am and want to start at 9:00am!!!!
We will be in squads and the weather will sunny and hot…So please be prepared.
4 stages with both Shotgun and Pistol ….Steel and Clay targets.
Round count will be at or around 60 for pistol and Shotgun.
Lead Birdshot/Clay Target loads ONLY!!!!!

See you all this Saturday!!!!!!

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Match Results on Practiscore…

May 25, 2015 Leave a comment

Scores are posted on Practiscore, under Match Results…..BlackCreek PlateRack

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The results for our Plate Rack Match are on Practiscore….

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Scores are posted on Practiscore, under match results….BlackCreek Platerack

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Plate Rack Match on Monday….05-25-15

May 22, 2015 Leave a comment


We plan on having another Plate Rack Match Monday morning 05-25-15 for those who will
be in town this holiday week-end. We will be on the BlackPowder Range. The cost will be
$10 per gun. We will begin with signing in on the range at 9am and will close at 10am.

The format will be different from the past….Table start with strings of fire from 10yds-25yds. You will have strong along with weak hand strings and also from a sitting positions and
much, much more!!!!!!

Also weather permitting we plan on doing a 2gun match on the 30th of May…Sat., details will follow,as we get closer to next week end.

See you all on Monday!!!! Please have a safe and wonderful holiday week-end!!!!!


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Our Steel Match Tomorrow…….

May 8, 2015 Leave a comment


Looks like great weather for tomorrow and a free lunch too!!!!

Lunch will be provided by “The Main Street Group”
The Main Street Group…Independant Wealth Manager
Ed Baldwin…

We will start at or around 8:15am with signing in.
We will start at 9:00am…Hopefully
Once we start the match, the match should go fast.
We’re looking at maybe 80 +/- shooters if everyone shows up.
The minimum round count is almost 100 rounds.

Leave your BI-METAL AMMO at HOME!!!!!

NO gun play of any kind in the parking lot!!!!!!!!
YOU must be on the range in a SAFE Area or in our LOAD-UNLOAD Area….Please ask if you need help of any kind, Before you do any thing wrong or unsafe.

Please watch your speed on Range Road, 35mph is the posted speed and on our property 15mph MAX!

Everyone must sign in…..Even those who are not shooting!!!!!!!

Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection must be in use on the range when the match starts until the match ends!!!!!!!!!


Cold Range
•Black Creek is a cold range. No loaded weapons except when under the control of a Range Safety Officer.
•No weapon handling in the parking lot. If you arrive with a hot weapon, immediately see a a Range Safety Officer so that you may be unloaded safely.
•Ammunition may be reloaded into magazines or speedloaders at any place on the range except for the designated Safe Areas.

Safe Areas
•Safe Areas are provided for the safe handling, holstering, stowing, cleaning, repair, inspection, and dry firing of guns. No ammunition handling (including dummy ammunition) is allowed in the Safe Areas.

Our Blog site has a list of Rules and other important information that all of our friends need to know!!!!!!

Again please..Help keep our play ground SAFE!!!!!! Thanks
See you all on Saturday!!!

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Our Steel Match this Sat., 05-09-15

May 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Gang…. is open for our monthly match..The weather looks great for Sat.,
maybe a little on the warm side with lots of sun!!!!!

The round count will be right around 100 rnds.

We also are very lucky to a free lunch for you all…Lunch will be provided by
“The Main Street Group”. Thank you very much, Ed!!!!!! (Ed Baldwin LPL Registered Representative)

See you all this Saturday!!!!!!!

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