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Black Creek Steel…..Holiday Match this Sat., 12-27-14

Season’s Greetings Gang & Merry Christmas to All!!!!!

We are planning on having a Special Holiday Match this Sat.,12-27-14 at Black Creek
We will be on the Black Powder Range for something different (Plate Racks & Poppers)
I want to do something close and fast…3 strings,Free,Strong and Weak????? 54 rounds min.
All Divison rules apply…As the same for safety and so on.

Also with the help of David Beam and Mike Butch we are also going to offer a shotgun/pistol
Side Stage on the Trap Range (lower bays). The guys are working on the details now.
Plan on 20+/- rounds pistol and 15+/- rounds of LEAD BIRD SHOT ONLY!!!!!!

$10 for the Match and $5 for the Shotgun/Pistol Side Stage

NO on line pre-registered…NO Squads!!!!

Sign up will be starting at 9am and will END at 10am
We will start shooting as soon as you all are ready.

NEW YEAR’s EVE Match on Wed.,12-31-14 too
Again something fast and easy?????

Black Creek Steel wishes everyone a safe holiday season….Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to you all and your families, please be safe!!!!!


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