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Team Steel Match …This Sat.,the 22nd of Nov.


We plan of having a team match this Sat.,the 22nd of Nov., we have done this before and it has been a long time, So here is what we want to do….

We will start at 9am with signing in and teaming up, so NO pre-sign up.
We want to start as soon as possible, We will be in squads, and we will have 4 stages.
No one will be left out of a team….You can be on more than one team as long as you are in the same squad. Your team may be mix divisions if you want to.

The cost will be the same…$20 per shooter for the match, regardless if you shoot on more than one team. This match will be a fast event with little to no movement
No stage will be more than 36 rnds.

Hope to see you all this Sat!!!!!

We will also have our FAT Match(Friday after Thanksgiving) this year on the 28th of Nov.,
and if we have a rain out on Friday, we will shoot on Sat., the 29th.
We are working on the details for that match now and will repost as we get things work out.

In December we may have 2 or 3 events….

Dec.,13th (monthly match)
Dec.,27th and or Dec.31

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