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Link to scores…Next Sat.., Jan.4th (SANY Match)

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Our SAC Match results are posted on the Practi score site

We had a great day and WOW!!!!…What a large turn out and the Shot-Gun side match was great!!!!

As of now we do plan on having another Holiday match…Weather permittting!!!!
The SANY match…(Saturday after New Years) NO SHOT-GUN side match!!!!
Many of you all may be in NC (USPSA) Sir Walter.

We plan on having 3 large stages on the Trap Range only..Yes, the Polish Plate Rack will be back!!!!!

Everyone please have a safe and wonerful New Years Eve!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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Shot-Gun Side Match tomorrow too!!!!!!

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Sorry for the late post, But I am please to announce that with the help of David Beam (DDS)
we have added a Shot-Gun side match…To follow our Pistol Match.

One large Stage…Several Strings of fire…$5 is the cost. Round Count between 25-45 rnds.

Our pistol match tomorrow is 3 large stages on the Trap Range only…86 rnds.
This match is our SAC match…Saturday After Christmas!!!!!
You will see alot of Red and White..Christmas Stars and Christmas Trees!!!! Ho!HO!Ho!

A special thanks goes to Charles Bajer…Thank-you Sir for 2 days of help..Along with Mike Butch
and The “BEAM”

We are Ready!!!!!!

Round Count will be 80+ rounds…..

* Registration opens at 0845.
* Mandatory Shooters’ Safety Briefing at 0915.
* Shooting starts at 0930.
* Match scheduled to end at 1400
* Match fee is $20 for pistol and $5 extra for Shot-Gun

Leave your BI-METAL AMMO at HOME!!!!!

NO Slugs!!!!!…NO Buckshot!!!!!!…NO Copper loads!!!!!!..NO load over 7oz.!!!!!!

NO gun play of any kind in the parking lot!!!!!!!!
YOU must be on the range in a SAFE Area or in our LOAD-UNLOAD Area….Please ask if you need help of any kind, Before you do any thing wrong or unsafe.

Please watch your speed on Range Road, 35mph is the posted speed and on our property 15mph MAX!

Everyone must sign in…..Even those who are not shooting!!!!!!!

Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection must be in use on the range when the match starts until the match ends!!!!!!!!!

Those who are NEW to Black Creek…PLEASE read up on safety at our match!!!!!!!

See you all tomorrow!!!!!!!

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Holiday Match…Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Seasons Greetings Everyone!!!!!!!

We plan on trying to have a Holiday match or Two at Black Creek….

This Sat., the 28th…Three Stages all on the Trap Range, Round Count will be around 100.
Sign in will start around 830am.

We are also thinking about Jan. the 4th…Then our monthly match Jan. 11th!!!!!!!!

Scot Cook went ahead and made us a online registration page. We request that you guys use it but that it’s not required to shoot the match. If you think that you are coming its better for us if you all sign up ahead of time. We want to keep using the Nooks!!!!!!!!

This Sat., the weather looks great!!!!!!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!
Please everyone have a safe and wonderful Holiday!!!!!!

Happy Holidays….

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12.14.13 Scores

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Our Steel Match….Sat. the 16th.

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Okay….The Range is finally dry, and we got 3 large stages on the Trap Range.

Lower Trap Left…..38 rounds…3 positions
Lower Trap Right….32 rounds…1 position
Upper Trap Corner….24 rounds…1 position

Now they are calling for rain on Sat., They are also saying that the rain will start early in the morning. We have shot in the rain before….The movement on the Lower Trap Left Bay is easy and on high ground. All the stages are weather proof as of now.

So…As of now we are set up and ready and still on for Sat.!!!!!!
This match is NOT set up for Team shooting.

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Our Match…This Sat. the 14th

December 10, 2013 Leave a comment


The weather has been crazy…We had over 4″of rain and ice over the past few days…With rain and snow today!!!!

As of now we still plan on having our monthy match. They are still calling for rain on Sat.,
sometime in the afternoon and it will be cold!!!!!

I may have only three stages all on the Trap Range only…Details to follow, I will be at the range sometime tomorrow and plan on trying to get things ready.

Stay warm and dry!!!!!

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