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Missing Keys????? GMC/Chevy Remote w/Keys (Redskins)

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

We found a set of keys today 12/28/12 with a keyless remote (GMC/Chevy) on the Trap Range at the beginning of our Holiday Match.  I feel that they may be the missing keys from our FAT Match?????…A Young Lady?????

Please email me direct at

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Match Results- 28 December 2012

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Black Creek Steel Shooters:

Results- BCS 28 DEC 2012

Thanks to all for a great day on the range.

It was great to see all of you and we wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!!

Best regards,

Anton and Jim

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Season’s Greetings!!!!!!

December 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Dear Friends…

Please have a safe & wonderful holiday and most of all…..

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!

Best regards

Black Creek Steel


Also sorry for the late notice, but this Friday the 28th…We will have a Holiday Match (3 stages on the Trap Range)

Jim is back in town and will be at the match.  On Thursday the 27th, We will be at the range setting things up in the


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12/08/2012 Scores

December 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Thank you everyone for coming out to unbelievable December day

Once again Aton and Jason Koon for setting up another great match. Thanks Mike B, Brandon, Team Nevco, Aaron, Mac, Dan, The Beam, and Mike V. for ROing today.

Right now the plan is have another match between Christmas and New Years. Keep a look out on this blog and Facebook for an announcement!


Black Creek OA 120812

Black Creek 120812 Stages

Black Creek 120812 Divisions

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BC Steel Match this Sat. 12-08-12

December 5, 2012 Leave a comment

See you all on Sat., The weather is looking good as of now…..Mid-60s for Sat.

Please watch your speed on Range Road,  35mph is the posted speed.

And on our property 15mph MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO gun play of any kind in the parking lot!!!!!!!!

YOU must be on the range in a SAFE Area or in our LOAD-UNLOAD Area….Please ask if you need help of any kind, Before you do any thing reckless or stupid.

Everyone must sign in…..Even those who are not shooting!!!!!!!

Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection must be in use on the range when the match starts until the match ends!!!!!!!!!

* Registration opens at 0815.
* Mandatory Shooters’ Safety Briefing at 0845.
* Shooting starts at 0900.
* Match scheduled to end at 1400.
* We will be shooting in squads.
* Match fee is $20.

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