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Long Day….

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Do not use the links on the last email they are for last months scores…. Go to the WordPress page and use those links

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10/13/12 SCORES!!!

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Sorry for the hold up I had 7 more to enter and Excel crashed on my PC.

Again some of the names on the score sheets are hard to read so if I butchered your name write it clearly next time! Also there were a lot of shooters that did not have their division listed on the score sheets so I put you all in Limited. Again please make sure your listed in the correct division before you shoot your 1st stage.

We had a great turn out with a lot of new faces today and could not have asked for better weather. Thank you Anton and Mike Butch for setting up another great match. Thank you ( some might not) David the Beam for bringing your double Texas star…. Also Thanks Allen J, Marc S, Brandon C., Doug P,Dan D, Brian H. and any other ROs I missed for running all the shooters today and keeping the match safe and fun.

Please check the previous post about the Bowling Tournament on Sunday if you can make it give David a call it should be fun.

Black Creek Steel Match 10/13/12 Overall

Black Creek Steel Match 10/13/12 Stages

Black Creek Steel Match 10/13/12 Divisions

Corrected someones last name.

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Scores for 10/13/2012 and a Bowling Tournament

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Scores will be out soon. I just got home and got done setting up my new 51″ HD tv… Yeah I know priorities… so give me an hour or so.

David Beam and Black Creek need BOWLERS … for the Chesterfield Crime Solvers bowling tournament. Its short notices but it takes place at the Bowl America 7929 Midlothian Tpk. Sunday(tomorrow) at 1pm. Black Creek has donated the match fee so it free to bowl. There are quite a few slots open Please call David The Beam at 804-366-2970 after 8am Sunday morning to get a slot.



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Another Reminder……..

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

See you all tomorrow…..Please watch your speed on Range Road,  35mph is the posted speed.

And on our property 15mph MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO gun play of any kind in the parking lot!!!!!!!!

YOU must be on the range in a SAFE Area or in our LOAD-UNLOAD Area….Please ask if you need help of any kind, Before you do any thing reckless or stupid.

Everyone must sign in…..Even those who are not shooting!!!!!!!

Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection must be in use on the range when the match starts until the match ends!!!!!!!!!

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October Match Announcement

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Black Creek Steel will hold a 4 Stage, 120 round steel match on Saturday, 13 October.

* Registration opens at 0815.
* Mandatory Shooters’ Safety Briefing at 0845.
* Shooting starts at 0900.
* Match scheduled to end at 1400.
* We will be shooting in squads.
* Match fee is $20.

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