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June Match Course of Fire

Saturday’s match will be 4 stages, 102 rounds!!!

Thanks to the Jedi Anton Kothe, the Bounty Hunter Jason Koon, the Sith Lord Jim Taylor, and the Padawan Learner Nolan Koon for setting up the match.

We will be using Practiscore to score the match. Each squad will have a Nook Simple Touch to record scores. At the last match, thanks to the Princesses Robin and Kim, scores were complete at 12:35!!!!!!

Stage 1

24 rounds- 120 points- Comstock

Place ammunition as needed on barrels. No ammunition on belt. Place unloaded pistol and ammunition on blue barrel. Pistol barrel downrange.

Start seated in chair, back touching backrest, square to range. On start signal, retrieve weapon. From the shooting area engage 6 falling forward poppers through the barricade port only, the dueling tree from its respective barrel, and the plate rack from its respective barrel. Mini-poppers may engaged from anywhere within the shooting area. Arrays may be engaged in any order.

Stage 2

30 rounds- 150 points- Comstock

Start in any shooting box. Hands above respective shoulders. Engage round static targets with one round each from each of four shooting positions. 6 Mini-poppers may be engaged from any shooting box.

Stage 3

24 rounds- 120 points- Comstock

Start in shooting box, hands above respective shoulders.

Engage each rectangular steel target with 6 rounds. Perform a mandatory reload between targets. Targets may be shot in any order.

Stage 4

24 rounds- 120 points- Comstock

Start in box, hands above respective shoulders. Engage each round static target with 3 rounds, then engage remaining targets with one round each. Re-engage each round static with 3 rounds each. Order of engagement is round (3), round (3), remaining array (12), round (3), round (3).


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