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Black Creek Steel Feb 11,2012 Results

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Once again we had a great match. Thank you everyone for facing the threat of bad weather and coming out. It was great to see a lot of new shooters please keep coming and feel free to invite more friends out to the match to try it.

Please try to write your name clearly on the score sheets. There were some today I really had to guess at what it was. If I butchered your name I’m sorry but I just couldn’t read it.

Thanks to Mike and George Valentine, David the Beam, Brandon Chernault, Alan Harris, Allen Jackson, and Phil Hager for helping the match run smoothly today. Also thank you Anton and  Mike Butch for setting up some great stages.


Blackcreek 021112 OA


Blackcreek 021112 Div


Blackcreek 021112 Stages


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Thank-you all!!!!!! and Missing a UPLULA Magazine loader

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Thank-you all!!!!!! Another great match!!!!!! Many Thanks to all of our RSO/SO!!!!!!!! And to those who always help out in one way or another…Thank you very much!!!!!!!!  A Big THANK-YOU to Scot (Bubba) for doing the scores!!!!!! Are you done yet?????

Also one of our lovely lady shooters seems to be missing her UPLULA Magazine loader…..Please check your bags to see if you may have pick it up by mistake….Last seen on the table (near the benches) on the Trap Range…..And YES our missing blue timer made its way back home!!!!!!!  Thx!!!!!!

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Steel Match Feb.11Th.—-Late Start—Cold Weather!!!!!!!

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

We will start alittle later this Sat., It will be cold and maybe snow? Sign-up will start around 9:00am and as soon as we get everyone in a squad we will start shooting!!!!!!

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Story of Survival

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Greetings from Iceland!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, the trawler Hallgrimur sunk off the western coast of Norway with four seamen aboard.

The link is to the story of the lone survivor, Eirikur Ingi Johannsson.

The video is in Icelandic with English subtitles. Eirikur tells his incredible story of survival.

While this may seem a little long, I invite you to just watch and listen to this plain spoken story of heroism, duty, friendship, and loss.

Best regards,

Jim Taylor

Keflavik, Iceland


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February 2012 Match Announcement

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Black Creek Steel will hold a 4 Stage, 120 round steel match on Saturday, 11 February 2012.

* Registration opens at 0815.
* Mandatory Shooters’ Safety Briefing at 0845.
* Shooting starts at 0900.
* Match scheduled to end at 1300.
* We will be shooting in squads.
* Match fee is $20.

Please review safety information.

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