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Results for May 14, 2011

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Black Creek 051411 Overall

Black Creek 051411 Divisions

Black Creek 051411 Stage 1-4

Black Creek 051411 Stage 5-7

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May Match Course of Fire

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The pavilions are set up so you won’t get wet!!!!!!!

Saturday’s Match is 7 Stages- 108 rounds minimum

All start positions are hands relaxed at sides.

Stage 1- 36 rounds

Targets- 2 Plate Racks, 24 poppers.

Start outside of right hand shooting box, toes on XXs, loaded and holstered.

Engage each plate rack from its designated shooting box. All poppers are engaged from the shooting area.

Stage 2- 6 rounds

Targets- 4 round static, 1 rectangular static

Start  with toes on XXs on line back of shooting area. 1 round per round target, 2 rounds per rectangular target from within the shooting area. 1 procedural per shot fired outside of shooting area.

Stage 3- 24 rounds

Targets- 12 split mini-poppers

From the shooting box, knock down all steel.

Stage 4- 12 rounds

Targets- 2 round static, 4 rectangular static.

From behind the Bianchi Barricade, engage the target array with 1 round per round target and 2 rounds per rectangular target from both sides of the barricade.

Stage 5- 12 rounds- Virginia count

Facing uprange in shooting box, toes touching rear.

2 rounds on each, reload, 2 rounds on each.

Stage 6- 6 rounds

Targets- 6 micro poppers- semi-static

Gun unloaded, slide forward, hammer down, flat on table, muzzle downrange. Gun may not be propped by any external means. All magazines and spare ammunition on table.

Start with toes on XXs outside of shooting area.

One round on each semi-static micro popper from within the shooting area. All reloads must come from table. Reload from belt will incur procedural for each shot fired.

Stage 7- 12 rounds

Targets- 6 micro poppers- semi-static

Start loaded and holstered, outside shooting area, toes on XXs.

Engage 6 micro poppers with one round each from within the shooting area, perform a mandatory reload immediately before re-engaging 6 micro poppers with 1 round each.

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14 May Match Info

May 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Design for Saturday’s match is complete!

7 Stages, 108 rounds!!!

Stage 1- 36 round field course- all falling steel.

Stage 2- 6 rounds with movement- static steel.

Stage 3- 24 round medium course- falling steel (one position).

Stage 4- 12 round speed shoot- static steel.

Stage 5- 12 rounds- Virginia Count Standard.

Stage 6- 6 round speed shoot- unloaded table start- semi-static steel.

Stage 7- 12 round medium course with mandatory reload- semi-static-static steel.

Weather is looking pretty good with some slight showers expected. We’ll put up pavilions to keep us dry if necessary. Only 2 stages require any downrange resetting, so weather should not be a factor. Most of the showers are expected in the afternoon after the match is concluded.

We’ll post the detailed COF with pictures tomorrow evening.

We’ll have our new banner on display as well. Thanks to Eric Houser and Houser Sign Works!!!

  • Registration at 0815
  • Mandatory Shooters Safety Briefing at 0845
  • Shooting Starts at 0900
  • Match ends around noon

Black Creek Steel Shooting

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Steel Core Ammo is NOT Allowed

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Black Creek Steel Shooters may NOT use steel core ammo such as S&B, Wolf, and Tula.

Your ammo is subject to random magnet checking.

If you are found to be shooting such ammo, you will be banned from competition at Black Creek Steel and Black Creek IDPA  for 1 year.

Safety First!!!!!

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14 May Steel Match Announcement

May 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Black Creek Steel Shooting’s regular monthly match will be held on  Saturday, 14 May 2011.

The match will consist of 7 stages- approximately 100 rounds. The stages will consist of a mix of speed shoots, medium field courses and a large field course.

Registration at 0815.

Mandatory Shooters Safety Brief at 0845.

We’ll be shooting in 4 squads.

Shooting starts at 0900.

Please familiarize yourself with the Range Commands. There will be a test!!!!!!

See you there!!!!

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