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Results Halloween Match 10/30/2010

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Blackcreek 103010 Halloween Match

Sorry if I misspelled your name. If the division wasnt marked I assumed it was Limited.

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Course of Fire!!!!!!!!!!

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45 Falling Steel Targets instead of 44!!!!!!

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Halloween Eve Fall(ing) Steel on Saturday!!!!!!

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44 falling steel targets shot from one position behind a table.

Normal divisions (Open, Production, Limited, Single Stack) apply.

For those who want to shoot super big sticks like a Glock 33 round mag, we will score you separately.

Start position will be barrel of gun touching the table, safety on, finger out of trigger guard.

Magazines and speed loaders can be placed on the shooter’s belt or on the table. No magazine loading for the active shooter. Bring enough mags, please.

All steel must fall to score. Standing steel is assessed a 5 second penalty.

Please review the Safety Information at the Safety tab above.

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Halloween Eve Falling Steel Match

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

We are having a Fall(ing) Steel Match on the Black Powder Range on Saturday, October 30.

Each run will be $10 with the best run counting for score. First come, first served.

The course will consist of 44 pieces of falling steel shot from behind a table all in one string:

  • 24 mini-poppers
  • 8 Falling Forward US Poppers
  • 2 US Poppers
  • 2 Split US Poppers (4 targets)
  • 6 8″ Plates (Plate Rack)

Division winners, top senior (50+), top lady (female), top junior (under 18), and best costume get a free entry fee for the Friday After Thanksgiving (FAT) Steel Match.

Registration opens at 0830 and closes at 1100-ish.

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Results for 9 October Steel Match

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Thanks to Scot Cook for the scores!!!!!!

Blackcreek 100910

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Course of Fire for Saturday’s Match

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Black Creek Shooter:

This message is a reminder of your obligations with regard to Safety during our matches at Black Creek Shooters Association.

Safety of all shooters and spectators has been and will continue to be our top priority. Even the smallest disregard for safety is completely unacceptable.

The continuation of our matches is dependent upon our ability to run our matches with the highest level of safety.

Unfortunately, we seem to have competitors who believe that they do not have to abide by the Safety Rules. We want to make it crystal clear that any violation of our safety rules will result in immediate disqualification and, depending upon severity, a short term or long term ban from competition at Black Creek. There will be zero tolerance and no appeal.

Safe competition is no accident. All of us must abide by the rules and enforce them.

If you observe an unsafe act off the firing line, stop it, and report it to a Safety Officer.

We are looking forward to another safe match at Black Creek.

Please read and understand the Safety Rules and Range Commands located at the tabs on top of the page. Ask if you have any questions.

Anton Kothe, Jr.
Match Director

Jim Taylor
Assistant Match Director

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