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February Match Info

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

February’s Match will be held on the 2nd Saturday (the 13th).

The match will consist of 4 stages (78 rounds) of falling and static steel.

Match Registration begins at 0830 and shooting begins at 0900 with the Range Officers, competitors will shoot thereafter.  Open squadding.

This match will be for Centerfire Pistols and Shotguns only. Match fee is $20. Second gun fee is $10.

Stage 1. 24 rounds. Start behind any Bianchi Barricade. Engage each array from its respective Bianchi Barricade. Rectangular targets with 2 rounds each, Round targets with 1 round each.

Stage 2. 24 rounds. Start in any box, 1 round on each target from each of the 4 boxes.

Stage 3. 12 rounds. From the box, engage targets as they become visible.

Stage 4. 18 rounds. Starting in the outermost box, 2 rounds on each. Move into middle box, 3 rounds on each. Move into innermost box, 4 rounds on each.

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Black Creek Steel

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome to Black Creek Steel Shooting!

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